First off I would like to say thank you so much for your order, when I first placed the "Peepers" on my local Facebook Marketplace I never meant for it to be Thanksgiving specific, it was just funny to put the face of NY's governor on an image of a "fall" window with a turkey on it, not to mention I never thought it would catch the attention that it did.  Within minutes my life changed.  I went from wondering how I was going to stay open and support my family to wondering when I would be able to sleep next.  


The orders started flying in and I got to work printing, within hours I realized I would not be able to keep up with the printing on my own, so I reached out to another local company to help with the overflow.  Within 8 hours of my post I had the Bits (Yes I call my kids the Bacon Bits, but wouldn't you too if your last name was Bacon, lol) as well as my uncle and mother helping me label, stamp and fill envelopes with orders. The next morning I delivered so many envelopes to the local post office that I may no longer be allowed with in 100 feet, lol kidding, but that is how every day has been since, taking half of the day off to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.


During this time it was very hard for me to sit in front of my computer to respond to emails, messages, all the phone calls on my personal cell and my business phone, as well as marking each order fulfilled.  Once fulfilled my system sends out confirmation of mailings and pickup requests, but the orders did not stop, matter of fact I am still receiving orders.  I made the choice to get orders printed and mailed out and my nights turned into mornings, and on the third day of mailings I was able to filter orders by day and send out confirmations of mailing and pick up requests.  The day before Thanksgiving I found out that people were not receiving their confirmations or requests so I began trying to make time to manually go in and do them one by one, that is why some of you have received them and some have not.  


I decided to send out this email update to everyone and let them know that all orders up until Tuesday were delivered to the local post office and this morning I am taking another batch of 3 more large boxes full.  

Please know that my family and I appreciate all the business and we all are working very hard to get your orders mailed out next day.  Another issue we are all facing is that deliveries have been delayed due to COVID for almost the whole year, yet some are upset that they did not receive theirs before Thanksgiving and are filing disputes.  Please understand that the "Peepers" were only meant to be funny in general not specific to any specific holiday, I promise anyone that ordered one that it is coming! COVID has made sure these are not typical times we are facing. Thankfully I have an amazing team behind me and now I have more than enough product printed to process orders same day and get them mailed out. 

When I had my interviews with NY Daily News, Fox Business, and ACB7 I never once told them that this was Thanksgiving specific, but that is how they reported it.   Please know that your order is on its way and if you have put in a dispute with your credit card company or PayPal, maybe you would be willing to reconsider, I am, well was, a one man show and even though I was not prepared for the influx of orders I jumped up and got it done, and will continue to do so, as I am getting caught up on updating my system with fulfilment and confirmations it will be easier to fulfill and confirm much faster.


So thank you for being a HUGE part of changing my life and helping another small business from having to close, I appreciate your understanding. I posted this in hopes to make others laugh during a time when not many people are smiling or laughing.    So many people have shared funny photos and videos of them pranking people and having fun and laughing with my product and it truly means so much to me, and this experience I have been inspired to keep the laughs coming. So even though I never intended for my original post to be Thanksgiving specific, posting days before Thanksgiving, offering a promo code to free shipping I have now created the "Cuomo Claus" as well as "Elf" versions of other Governors (that I was asked to do by residents of that state) which will be a play on the "Elf on the Shelf," spying and reporting back to Santa... 


Thank you again for all your support during these time, and I look forward to your business in the future!

**UPDATE, I just found out that if you were trying to call me through the app, it was telling you my number was disconnected.  That was not the case.  A customer just tried to call me and it said disconnected, but he then went and dialed it directly and it worked perfect. So please call with any questions. Love you all!