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We recently found that the post office was running envelopes through a machine that is hard pressing the stickers/clings, if there is not any damage to the picture please click the Video button. We have changed the way we mail these out, sorry for any inconvenience, if there is damage to the image, please put in a claim and a replacement will be sent to you right away.

*There are no refunds on custom sticker orders, if damaged please email us a photo, they are delivered first-class mail via USPS, as it would cost $8 for shipping with tracking.  So far there has been no issues with them being not delivered, just that is taking around 10 days  from date of order to delivery.  We are moving as fast as we can with all of the orders.  It is hard to update each order status individually as there has been a large amount of orders, but rest assured we are working fast to get orders filled and mailed.