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Customize your bag today!

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Cruise our custom swag shop to get an idea of the things we have made in the past.  All designs and ideas can be personalized and customized to what YOU like.  So check back often as we are constantly adding new items!  Feel free to use our chat feature for any questions, all pricing depends on your order!

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Read a BIT about us, it is BERRY exciting stuff!


Like many businesses in this industry, Daniel started making custom shirts and glasses for friends and family for over 10 years.  Daniel then teamed up with long time friend Pete who are both passionate about being fathers. As the children grew so did the need for arts & crafts.  Making memories with our kids has always been something we love to do, and as the kid's imaginations and creativity started to grow so did ours.  Daniel's oldest daughter Briana has grown into a little businesswoman herself and she helped motivated him to open up WNY's FIRST ever "SLIME LAB." So together we are Custom716 and we are dedicated to providing fast service with a quality end result with our products and fun and entertainment with all of our events.


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At Custom716, we pride ourselves on bringing your thoughts and ideas to life, whether it is for a D.I.Y. event or a customized item. Even when you find a design online that you like we can personalize that too, just click below to upload it and we will do the rest!

Custom716 Studio is great for all ages, so if you can't get a sitter and you want to come enjoy a D.I.Y. event or just drop in during open studio hours the kids are welcome, that's the best part of having two dad's running the joint!

            FUN IS ALWAYS A MUST  

We have a GIANT screen to play movie or Xbox, (you can always bring your own system as well.) We also have kid friendly crafts as well as WNY's FIRST ever "SLIME LAB" where the kids can make their very own slime and WE CLEAN UP THE MESS!!!! So welcome and enjoy, hope to see you soon! 

*Must be 21+ to bring and consume your own alcohol, you may bring your own food and beverages unless the event includes it.  *There are always snacks and non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase.